This is an area were I excel. I am very perseverant that allows me to become extremely passionate towards different projects for a very long time. Some of these include the following:

  • Beverage management (wine and spirits)

  • Cultures (Languages, food, people, traditions)

  • Food (history, processes, technology)

  • Manual actions (Rubik’s cube, origami, watchmaking, painting, other arts & crafts)


Because of the many different educational organizations and methods I have been exposed to, I have acquired a particular set of skills that might seem unrelated but have been useful at specific scenarios in my life. Some of these include the following:

  • Wine Knowledge (blind tasting, regional knowledge, viticulture and viniculture)

  • Language Skills (English, Spanish, French, Italian)

  • Operational skills (direct client contact, wordy, ease to simplify complicated concepts)

  • Employee development (intern training, program creation and amelioration)


In my opinion, luck and context are crucial to be able to have opportunities. These are harder to understand as some are not as concrete as passion or skills. Some of these include the following:

  • Spanish passport (can work in European Union)

  • Languages (able to adapt to cultures easier because of ease of learning)

  • International network (able to ask for help in many countries)


Ultimately, there is an intersection in terms of beverage management and my ability to adapt to different countries in the world as well as the culture. I enjoy traveling and learning; furthermore, I believe that becoming the export manager or the brand manger for a brand of beverage would open my horizons in terms of having a perfect intersection in all the three categories.