What is the Idea Napkin


The Kawasaki Rose

The Idea Napkin is a framework in which one is given a single piece of paper as a resource and with ideation as well as opportunity recognition an idea is created and then sold in under a minute. The main goal is to have an idea that is high in impact and also high in feasibility.

I decided to make a Kawasaki Origami Rose because I am an individual who has more than a decade of experience with origami and I have a natural skill for teaching manual actions to others. I understand not everyone is equally as experienced with origami so I can cater to many different audiences by understanding their learning style.

My target market would mainly be individuals who want to make the roses for gifts. A gift that is handcrafted hold an emotional value that a store bought rose does not have. Because the rose is not alive, it does not die, so in a way, it is a twist in the rose that lives forever.

The idea is high in feasibility as the starting cost is extremely low and the main investment is time. The impact would be medium-high as I also understand that it is a cultural element that might not be appreciated in many cultures as in terms of monetary value it is really low. I am attempting to appeal to the emotional value of people.