THe Actual Experience


I have always valued my journey because it has been very unique. From who I am to what I have done and even to the things that I have learnt in my life, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to understand different cultures. I was born in Mexico City in the mid 90s. Even though I feel very strongly attached to my country, I have Spanish heritage I have always wanted to explore more.

After living for fourteen years in Mexico, I decided I wanted a different experience and learnt a language while I was doing it. I immersed myself into the Swiss culture, where I lived and studied with people from more than sixty different countries. I lived in the same room as Russian, Kosovar, Taiwanese and Ukrainian people. I started learning French and now I am fluent as a result. I lived there for three years and was heavily involved in every club and organization in the school.

I worked in different commercials and a documentary while in high school and fell in love with film as an industry. I went to University if Southern California for film school and quickly realized that the educational side of film was very different from the actual work and experience I had. I decided not to pursue a career in the field and looked at different options.

I was recommended by several people to apply to Cornell because of my family’s involvement in hospitality as well as me having an interest in the industry, but not really a passion. I visited Cornell and after taking to several professors, I decided that it was worth at least testing what a career that is not in the arts was like.  

I really enjoyed the motivation and the reward from studying in a prestigious university. I started to seek my own knowledge from different means and got involved with a business fraternity that really helped grow my network. My problem was that I still did not know what I wanted to do with my life.

Three years went by and I eventually found out about beverage management. My dad is in the restaurant and wine import industry while my mother is a chef. It was a perfect fit. The more classes I took, the more I enjoyed learning about the topic. It is a niche industry of hospitality that I want to pursue a career in.

In order to explore more about the topic of wine, I call my dad every day and discuss different wines and regions. We talk about tasting notes and production methods. But it was only until last year that he mentioned pursuing internships and maybe even and full-time job. So I did.

I worked for Taittinger, which is the largest family owned and operated Champagne house. My main communication was in French and I finally could answer questions I knew because of my own research or by asking hundreds of questions every day. I completed about a hundred tours, including private tours and tastings. And I learnt that I did not enjoy operations as much as I thought I would.

Now, I am about to graduate and I am currently applying for multiple full time jobs. I will probably not end up in Mexico because the industry can take me anywhere in the world. As I mentioned before, I have been very grateful and I have traveled to about fifty different countries. I am very good at adapting and I enjoy learning a language, culture and traditions by fully immersing myself.

My dream is to combine culture, wine and learning into what I end up doing for the rest of my life.