My Entrepreneurial Goals


My goals have changed vastly throughout the years. To be quite honest, I did not really know what entrepreneurship really entailed until this past eight months. For me entrepreneurship was creating more value from a variable starting point; nevertheless, I was not entirely right. Different people define entrepreneurship as very different things because their own goals are inherently different.

My main goal in life is to be happy, but that is too broad, and it does not really say much about my entrepreneurial goals. I do not want to open my own business, because of my specific industry and its extremely hard ability to create something new in a modern era and I see more potential working for either my family’s company or growing in one of the big eight beverage companies in the world. In order to achieve this I have outlines four factors that are going to be imperative:

1.     Good opportunity recognition

2.     Support from my family

3.     Favorable political and economic scenario

4.     Work ethic

Opportunity recognition is something I have been working on while at Cornell. I have taken multiple entrepreneurship classes as well as new product development and a mix of beverage management classes (including supply chain management) that have trained me to methodically recognize good opportunities. In other words, I have acquired the ability to “fail faster”. This means that I am able to understand what ideas are not viable faster; thus, more time can be spent in opportunity recognition. 

Support from my family is something I will always have. I have the luck that the industry I enjoy is the same both of my parents are involved in because it serves as a way to have an alternative that is in my hometown. My fiancée also supports me in everything I do and has been very supportive, even though we have been separated for some time now.

A favorable political and economic scenario is a factor that is completely out of my control. Politics in the modern world have been very unpredictable and volatile. The economy will soon be in a recession and the timing could not have been worse; nevertheless, I believe that using the fourth factor, the risk can be mitigated.

I once heard someone say that he was not that intelligent, but if it took a person who formally studied eight hours, it would take him sixteen, and he was fine with it. There is no crisis than cannot be solved with a good work ethic. This skill I have been developing for a while and will only get better overtime as I am doing my passion.