Gallup EP10 Assessment


Gallup Commitment Card

I am committed in using my BP10 Talents in the following ways

My top four talents are: Selling, Confidence, Determination and Disruptor. I believe that I can actually use the four talents together to fully take advantage of what I excel at. I have known I am confident, but it cannot apply to specific scenarios where I need to convince someone or be persuasive. I can anticipate customer needs and use my disruptor skill to be experimental with the solutions I propose as well as make incremental improvements in my offerings. My work ethic is also a strength as seen in the determination talent. I would like this talent to be shown as it is a very sought after talent in terms of hiring. I am more of a verbal person as opposed to being good at writing. I can lead conversations where I want them to go and I am good at organically introducing topics when speaking. Confidence helps with this because it makes me a better speaker. I will start using the BP10 when applying to jobs and I will use my resume to support each one of the talents. If I get an interview, the four talents come into play because I can really show them. The most interesting element about disruptor that I have not explored is imagining possible futures. Once I have a goal, I am set on it. I might have different paths to get there, but I have been an effectual thinker, when I should start making the move to become a more causal one.

The first action I will take to use my top BP10 talents in my life is to

I already took the first action by accepting those are my top talents even though in the beginning I believed it might have been slightly incorrect. I now fully embrace them and have started thinking in possible ways to combine them as I have outlined above. I have done even more research on the BP10 as well as Gallup and might take a course on further developing these talents. Now that I know what the talents are, I will look for people that complement me, as opposed to being similar.