Entrepreneurial Suitcase


Wine Key: Remind yourself of your passion

I did not really know what I wanted to do with my life until I discovered the field of beverage management. It is a very specific field that requires meticulous studies in wine and other beverages. For most of the wine in the market, opening a bottle without a wine key (fancy for opener) is not exactly easy nor classy. By having a wine key on me, I always remind myself of my recently found passion and it has come in very handy in scenarios where it can be put to good use. It has also opened the door to conversations with people I would have never have had.

Rubik’s Cube: Always strive for improvement

I always carry a Rubik’s cube with me because I can always get better. In an era where everyone is always on their phones and people are connected all the time, I chose to do something more mechanic and manual. I have been getting faster and faster since the first time I could solve it. The sense of achievement is very fulfilling as well as being able to understand something in a deeper level. I have taught several people how to solve it and everyone has a very similar experience that is very positive. I love challenging myself so I have taken the challenge to solve the cube blindfolded faster than before.


zenlet wallet: functionality & support

About six years ago, I partook in a crowdfunding campaign for a wallet. This was when slick and functionality directed wallets began to appear everywhere in KickStarter and Indiegogo. What really called me was that the wallet only carried cards. I never carry cash in my life because I do not really like it so it was perfect for me. Many projects fail, but after understanding the business model, I had faith in the project. I bought three wallets at the time and I gave one to each of my parents. To this day, I use it daily and every time I pay for anything I have the fruits of entrepreneurship in my hands. The creators found a gap in the market and it reminds me that in the future I might be able to make something that people would use every day of their lives.