Important People in My Life


Itziar Maraña Vélez

My parter is a person I respect a lot in my life. She is very dedicated to her work and she is not afraid to play devil’s advocate. She spots things very quickly and is able to help me achieve my goals faster. I always go to her for advice about my personal life and her opinion really influences my decisions and their outcomes respectively. She has taught me that I am able to be caring as a person and I got some of my natural tact back after meeting her.


Emma Pinto & Joaquin Valle

This is not a person, but two people: my parents. My parents have supported me in everything I do. All my moves around the world they have been happy for me. They have supported my financially as well as giving me professional advise. I talk to them when I do not know on how to follow up on a scenario. They gave me the opportunity to get the education I wanted in order to have a good chance to succeed in the future. I am very grateful to have them on my side. They play a support role in my life.


Joey Khoury

Joey is an individual I know is going to be extremely influential to anyone he comes in contact with. He has a work ethic I have never seen in anyone in my life. He has drive and passion as well as understanding how to interact with people with carisma. He has expanded his network by meeting people and being an overall fantastic person. I see him as a sort of big brother. He has given me his kind words and advice. He is a friend, but can also be very honest, which is rare nowadays. In terms of life choices that involve several options, he is very analytical and can be an amazing source of advice and confort.