Looking Towards the Future


My dream in progress is to grow as a person. I want to find my inner peace and fully understand what drives me and motivates me. I have already decided what industry I am going to go into. I have also recognized many opportunities that can possibly present themselves after I graduate from Cornell. In the end, it is about being happy and doing what I love. As I mentioned in my wheel of life, I still have a lot of work to do before I can fill all the values to 100%. I believe this will take my whole life; nevertheless, that is my dream in progress.

I eventually want to become a brand representative for a region of the world for a beverage management company and my end goal would be to unify two brands to have a strong supply chain that will minimize costs and benefit the end consumer by offering the same products at a lower price. I want to revolutionize the industry by revamping the marketing done when there is new product development. It is not an easy dream to achieve, but I have worked my whole life towards a goal that just became clear a year ago.

The following video will be going into more detail on what three main steps I will be undergoing to achieve my dream in progress.