Joaquin Valle Pinto’s Bio


Where is Joaquin now?

Joaquin Valle Pinto is a Senior in the Hotel School of Administration in Cornell University pursuing a concentration in the field of beverage management. He has worked in many different countries ranging from Mexico to France in operations involving wine, distillates and beer. He speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian and is a highly globalized individual as he has lived in five different countries throughout his life. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and wants to start his own beverage export company as a professional life goal. Joaquin’ most recent work experience in Champagne led him to have a deeper understanding of the industry and allowed him to network with both individuals from the industry and other very interesting fields such as food operations and food production in a high scale. He has also worked in the field of catering and events as a logistics manager specialized in transportation of cooking equipment and specialty items such as high end chairs for weddings Joaquin is extremely passionate in everything he does and tries to find a different niche to always have something different to do. He embraces change and accepts challenges as he is always looking to better himself as an individual.